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Growing everywhere,

soil-less gardening with Botanium


WHAT is Botanium


Built in water tank

Botanium ensures the water lasts for several weeks, so you can go away from home and return to a healthy plant.


More productive plants

The hydroponic medium enables the plant to grow faster, so you can harvest earlier and more often.


Automatic watering

Botanium waters every 3rd hour. Growing medium holds moisture as well as air, the plant can't get overwatered.

Simply growing leafy greens without soil

All you need to do is to fill the reservoir when you see the water level getting low. Adding a certain amount of nutrients ensures they grow healthy.

Never overwatering or underwatering

The great thing about Botanium is you never overwater the plants or veggies you grow. By using hydroponics, it is not only quicker growth but a simpler approach to growing.



LET'S get start


Effortless growing!

1. FiIl tank with water
2. Add nutrients
3. Fill container with growing medium
4. Plant seeds
5. Connect Botanium to power
6. Sit back and let it grow!

PLANT collection

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